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National Awards
CTA of the Year- Racquet Sport Industry
USA Team Tennis Volunteer- USTA
National Capacity Building Chapter- NJTL/USTA
USTA Maryland Awards
Outstanding Contributions
Organization of the Year
Program Administrator of the Year
Tournament Director of the Year
Teaching Pro of the Year
Family of the Year

Since our founding in 1975, BTP has provided tennis instructional, team, league, tournament and special event programs for more than 100,000 children, adults, seniors and disabled players in Greater Baltimore communities. Participation in BTP programs has grown in the last ten years from 850 participants per year to more than 5,000 participants per year at 70 locations in more than 30 communities.

The goal we pursue for area youth is to give every child in Greater Baltimore the opportunity to learn the lifetime sport of tennis and its enduring life-lessons – fitness, self-discipline, self-esteem, integrity and respect for others. Our scholarship programs and numerous close-to-home locations have made playing tennis accessible and affordable for all children.

Since 2001, our underserved populations programming has provided free or nominal cost in-school and out-of-school tennis, nutrition education, academic support and life-lesson programs for thousands of inner-city and other underserved youth.

Tens of thousands of girls and boys have grown up in BTP programs, honed their skills, and become healthy and self-confident young adults headed for success. As an example, here’s Nick’s story:

Nicks Story

The product of a torn home with one devoted low-income parent and one mostly absent substance-addicted parent, Nick found a haven in BTP programs at age twelve. With encouragement and scholarships from BTP, Nick was able to pursue and achieve tennis success and educational opportunities. He was awarded a scholarship to a local private high school, where he proudly starred on the tennis team, and received a tennis scholarship to a local college.
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In today’s economic environment, with increasing programming delivery costs and the reduction of sports-related services from schools, recreation departments and other agencies for children, it is imperative that we elicit community support to insure that these success stories continue.
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Help us serve more kids like Nick!

Please help us give access to every child who wants to learn and play
• $10 can buy a racquet for a new player
• $25 can place a youth on a community team
• $50 can provide fall lessons for a child
• $100 can provide summer lessons for a child
• $250 can supply racquets for an entire class of 25 children
• $400 can place a player on a junior indoor team Oct.-March
• $1,000 can give a talented underserved child the opportunity to excel in advanced training year-round