ABC Ladders for Everyone!
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Robert Oehrig
BTP Coordinator
Play Mid May- Mid November 2017

There is nothing like this program in Baltimore County...
Baltimore Tennis Patrons ABC Ladder Program :
You gotta play to win!
Every challenge must be accepted – are you up to it? To deny a challenge is to accept defeat. That’s how the new Baltimore Tennis Patrons Ladder Program works. Constant competitive play all summer and fall – watch your name rise on the ladders of your choice.

Five months of unlimited play for a total of $18! You can sign up for as many ladders as you like for this one-time flat fee of $18. Play runs from Mid May- Mid November. You schedule your own challenges/matches at times and locations that are convenient for you and your opponent using the personal on-line dashboard and Tennis Rungs challenge system. By the way, you enter your results on-line too and the standings automatically populate instantly! So your ladder position is always current and you can see where others stand on all ladders too.

There is a ladder for everyone - Men's and Women's singles and doubles and mixed available at all levels.

A B level for intermediate and advanced players

Ladder position for AB levels are based on a bump rank system – which means if you win you take your opponents spot and he/she are bumped down one rung. If you lose you stay where you are.

  • C level for our beginner and advanced beginners
Ladder position for C Level ladders are points based – the more you play the higher you climb.
All doubles at all level are individual doubles – play with your partner or not - all your results are tallied individually and you can rise on the doubles ladders with or without a regular partner.

Don’t miss out on the fun this Spring through the Fall– connect with new players and make challenges to players you’ve always wanted to test your skill against. First in, first on - the first players to sign up will start at the top of the ladder so don’t wait to register.

For More Information CLICK HERE !

Tim Owens, the Founder and Developer of Tennis Rungs tells you all about our
ABC Ladder program in this short webinar.

Oops. We forgot to tell you.
ABC Ladders registration is Live!
$18 for five months of play!