10U QuickStart Tennis
Watch this short video. Other sports don't make kids play like adults. So why does tennis? The solution: 10 and Under Tennis is changing the way tennis is learned and played with kid sized courts and equipment. Everything is kid-friendly and fits for the first time!
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10 and Under QuickStart Tennis is an exciting new play format for learning tennis, designed to bring kids into the game by using specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions, and simplified scoring, all tailored to match youth age and size.

The QuickStart play format is divided into two different age levels for beginners and advanced beginners- ages 8 and under and ages 10 and under.

If your child is between the ages of four and ten, he or she can start playing tennis almost immediately, even having never picked up a racquet before. It's that easy! What's more, our 10 and Under QuickStart tennis classes and practices offer not only informal learning and team play, kids can also join our Play Clubs and Team Tennis . Participation in all 3 programs is recommended.

Our expert professional staff are USTA QuickStart trained to coach your child. We also have all of the kid-friendly equipment on site. QuickStart loaner rackets are available during all 10 and Under classes.